Which? reveals the parts of England and Wales that deliver the highest rents and yields

The consumer advice service Which? has disclosed the areas of England and Wales that are presently recording the most impressive rents and yields for buy-to-let investors – and some of the findings are more surprising than others.

The figures are drawn from one of the UK’s leading estate agencies, and show which areas landlords may be best-advised to invest in if they wish to gain the greatest returns from their property portfolios.

What are the headline findings?

The statistics showed that while it was the South West where rents increased fastest in the 12 months to February 2019 – by 4% – the region also had the second-worst yield of all of the regions in England and Wales.

This means that as a landlord, you may prefer to look outside this part of the country in your pursuit of the ‘golden combination’ of relatively cheap properties and healthy yields.

It turned out that the best yields in the past year were actually to be found in northern England, with the North East topping the table by virtue of its 5.02% average yield. However, the North West wasn’t far behind; its 4.81% yield was a reassuring one for any buy-to-let investor who routinely turns to a company like Yellow Oak Inventories LTD for a cost-effective rental inventory in Manchester.

Plenty more to learn for investors across the UK

With other regions that ranked highly for average yield according to the index including Wales (4.56%), Yorkshire and the Humber (4.4%), the East Midlands (4.21%) and the West Midlands (3.94%), there can be little doubt about the wealth of opportunities that continues to exist around England and Wales for wise and eagle-eyed investors. The average yield for England and Wales as a whole was 4.29%.

As for average rents, these were – of course – highest in Greater London, which recorded rents of £1,260 per calendar month. By comparison, the North East saw average rents of a mere £540 per calendar month.

The North West’s average rents, meanwhile, were £644 per calendar month for the year-long duration of the rental tracker. Such a figure is another indication of just how attractive the local market remains for many landlords who require a cost-effective rental inventory in Manchester from time to time, whether or not they use Yellow Oak Inventories LTD.

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