Unauthorised pets and redecoration among tenant secrets kept from landlords

Anyone who takes advantage of a professional inventory service in Milton Keynes, London, Luton and the Home Counties from a company like Yellow Oak Inventories LTD will appreciate the importance of a trusting relationship between the landlord and tenant if a tenancy is to be a success. However, that doesn’t stop many tenants keeping potentially damaging secrets from their landlords.

Further light was recently shed on this by a survey of tenants by an online letting agent. Well over half of tenants polled – 59 per cent – admitted to keeping pets without authorisation, which could result in damage to the property that may not be detected in the absence of an inventory. Much the same could be said of redecorating without the landlord’s permission – 45 per cent of tenants confessing this.

Other findings of the report that will interest many clients of a professional inventory service in Milton Keynes include the admission by one in three tenants that they had caused damage to walls by knocking in nails, as well as nearly a quarter of respondents saying that they had never or rarely cleaned their oven. Nor had 18 per cent even mowed the lawn regularly.

11 per cent of tenants stated that they had dumped rubbish at the front and in the garden of their property, while 6 per cent were guilty of subletting a room. 4 per cent even indicated that they had burned holes in floor coverings and concealed them with mats. However, the most prevalent tenant confession – cited by 63 per cent of those quizzed – was attempting to dodge the payment of their rent.

With tenant arrears having gone up by 7.2 per cent over the last year – the equivalent of 4,600 tenancies more compared to the same quarter a year earlier – that latter admission will be especially worrying for many landlords. However, those landlords can also better protect themselves from both arrears and all-round bad tenants by conducting extensive background checks on their tenants, as well as by having a comprehensive inventory done.

References that landlords can gather to establish the suitability of a prospective tenant range from bank statements for the last three months and credit checks, to employer references and previous landlord references, the latter to ensure that the tenant paid their rent in a timely fashion. Landlords can also better identify any tenant breaches of their agreement by periodically visiting their property over the course of the tenancy.

Have an extensive and professional inventory and Mid-term inspections of your property carried out by Yellow Oak Inventories LTD, and you can give yourself the utmost peace of mind as a landlord for the duration of your next tenancy agreement.