London, Manchester and Birmingham ranked among the most popular UK property investment destinations

Anyone looking for evidence of the attractiveness of areas outside the British capital for investment in buy-to-let property – including such key urban epicentres as Manchester and Birmingham – would only need to consult a recent report issued by independent property specialists Experience Invest.

The company’s document Uncovering the UK’s 2019 property investment hotspots makes for an intriguing read for those who are currently in need of a property inventory in Manchester, Birmingham or London, as well as those who are considering buying houses or flats in these areas.

What does the report say?

The report details the findings of independent research involving more than 500 property investors based in the UK, including their intentions for the management of their portfolios over the next 12 months.

The resultant figures certainly provide an antidote to some of the bleaker sentiments we have heard from some quarters lately about the prospects of the British private rental market after Brexit. The majority of polled respondents – 54% – said they planned to invest in more real estate during 2019, with only one in 10 (11%) indicating that they would downsize their portfolios.

Business Development and Acquisitions Director at Experience Invest, Jerald Solis, said that despite “some doom and gloom predictions about the future of the UK property market… as an investment asset, real estate is still hugely popular, with a significant number of property investors looking to grow their portfolio further in 2019.”

The burgeoning fortunes of the regions are especially interesting

Drilling down into the figures from the report, it probably won’t surprise many readers to learn that Greater London tops the list of regions being considered by the respondents for property investment this year. The capital was cited by 37% of those polled.

Ranking second and third, however, were the North West (30%) and the Midlands (23%) respectively. Furthermore, on a city-by-city basis, Manchester closely trailed London as the property investment destination most seriously considered by the survey participants, with 33% compared to the capital’s 35%. Birmingham was ranked seventh, due to its 12% share.

Nor is it only property investors who are increasingly recognising the appeal of northern England and the Midlands, with the report noting that the proportion of Londoners moving to these regions tripled between 2008 and 2018. Given such strengths of these areas as their comparative affordability, strong transport links and rising opportunities, this should not be a greatly surprising trend.

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