Don’t forget to have an inventory carried out for your Milton Keynes property

You will have much to think about as a landlord trying to let a Milton Keynes property. Not only is there the process of purchasing such a property to get right, but you are also likely to need to arrange the most suitable buy-to-let mortgage and get as many viewings as possible. Then will come the negotiations with tenants and the subsequent management of the letting.

Where does a property inventory come into all of this? What even is an inventory? The answer is that an inventory constitutes a historic snapshot of your property’s condition that could be invaluable come the end of a tenancy, when the need may arise to establish responsibility for any damage to the property. The inventory report has both written and visual elements, comparisons between the original inventory with the final inspection helping you to identify any wall markings, carpet burns or similar damage can may have occurred on your previous tenant’s watch.

As a true top-to-bottom description of your property’s present condition, you can expect an inventory to state all fittings, ranging from lights and radiators to furniture, decoration and flooring. Both the condition and cleanliness of these fittings should be addressed in the report, which should provide a detailed analysis of every room. The inclusion of photographs of the property in any good inventory report ensures further visual evidence of such damage as carpet marks and stains.

Yellow Oak Inventories LTD can provide the complete property inventory in Milton Keynes, including both impartial written details and digital colour photographs to give the landlord, letting agent or relocation agent the benefit of an in-depth record of the property at the time of inspection. All contents, fixtures and fittings are covered. We take digital colour photographs of every room and specific damage, in addition to noting cleanliness levels. Report turnaround is also fast.

A good inventory report by an unbiased party like Yellow Oak Inventories LTD will be a key part of your binding agreement with the tenant, being compiled prior to the tenant’s move into your property and providing vital protection for both of you. Enquire now about a property inventory in Milton Keynes from one of the leading, fully regulated and most reputable providers, Yellow Oak Inventories LTD.