Employ a fully regulated, independent Inventory Clerk.In rented accommodation the main causes of landlord / tenant disputes are damage and cleaning, therefore without a thorough inventory in place (at check-in and check-out) landlords have much less chance of winning a dispute if they have no evidence of the original condition of the property. 2. Ensure your Agreements are correct.Double check dates and rental amounts.Be able to provide up to date Gas Safety Certificates, along with
A property inventory is an essential part of any legitimate tenancy agreement, as it is a comprehensive list of all the contents of the property as well as a record of its condition. Ideally the inventory should be supplied by an independent inventory clerk, to avoid disputes in the future and to ensures it’s clear to both parties what damages (if any) need to be paid for by the tenants. Skipping an inventory on arrival

Inventories and Right to Rent Legislation

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So far at Yellow Oak Inventories we’ve covered the obvious topics relating to the importance of a comprehensive, independent property inventory – e.g. accepting pets, hoarding, student lets, tenancy deposit disputes, longer tenancies and redecoration to name a few. But are you aware of one of the newest pieces of legislation to hit private renting landlords; Right to Rent Immigration Checks, and how a full inventory can become a key part of the Right to

Find out more about our inventory check out services

With so many more people renting rather than buying nowadays – especially in London – it’s important that landlords, tenants and property inventory providers work together closely to ensure that everything runs smoothly, both when a tenant moves into and out of a property.

That’s why services such as our own inventory check out services in London here at Yellow Oak Inventories LTD are as important as ever.

What are Check Out Inventories?

The main point of a check out inventory is to compare the original signed inventory – taken out when the tenant first moved into the property in question – with the current condition of the property. Check outs take place at the end of the tenancy, and normally occur with the vacating tenant present.

What is assessed during an inspection?

It’s often the littlest things that count during a check out inspection. Did you know that 80% of the costs caused at check out are a result of poor cleanliness?

The condition of the furniture is checked, as are curtain rods and blinds to ensure that they are working correctly. Domestic appliances need to be checked to ensure that they still have electrical power, while the batteries in smoke/heat and carbon monoxide alarms are also tested.

The inventory check out also looks for damage and the cleanliness of:

  • Carpets and rugs
  • Walls
  • Bathroom furniture
  • The kitchen
  • Windows (exterior and interior)
  • Tidiness of garden (if applicable)

What else does a Check Out involve?

As well as the inventory, check outs normally include a host of other occurrences. Here at Yellow Oak Inventories LTD, for instance, we take full-colour digital photographs of every room in the property, in addition to photos of any specific damage, should there be any.

All being well, at the conclusion of the inspection, the keys will be collected from the outgoing tenant. With all of the above said, a tenant moving out can be a trying and stressful time for both tenant and landlord, even if no great problems occur with the check out inspection.

Thankfully, Yellow Oak Inventories LTD is here to assist with all of your property inventory needs. Our experienced and efficient clerks can assist with everything from check in inventories to check out inventories, so please don’t hesitate to contact us for further information.

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