Are you among the landlords increasingly using social media to screen potential tenants?

You might imagine that here at Yellow Oak Inventories LTD, we would be quite eager to regularly highlight the value that the right rental inventory in central London can have for landlords. Even the most thorough tenant screening and referencing, after all, can’t guarantee that you will take on a tenant who will keep your property in optimum condition.

The difficulty, in fact, of ensuring this has perhaps been further demonstrated by the recent news that landlords are turning more and more to social media as a means of vetting prospective tenants for their properties.

Property owners looking for new and effective vetting procedures

A recent study by Foundation Home Loans found a heightening tendency among landlords to use social media to learn more about the people seeking to rent their properties. 11% said that they now checked Facebook and other social networks to screen would-be tenants before agreeing to let a home to them.

With prospective renters’ profiles on such social media sites as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram often containing a wealth of information in relation to their lifestyle, career history, relationship status, friends and whether they like pets, it’s not surprising that social media is becoming more frequently used as a screening tool by landlords.

However, it is far from the only tenant vetting method that landlords continue to rely on. According to the research, almost a third (29%) of landlords even go as far as interviewing prospective tenants as part of the screening process, to aid them in deciding whether they are suitable for the given property.

Furthermore, such more traditional means of screening tenants as personal, employer and previous landlord references are still routinely used by landlords, too.

Could the right rental inventory in central London give you peace of mind?

While we would certainly not wish to understate the importance of thorough screening for any landlord seeking to pick out the right tenant for their property, it’s also vital not to forget the inventory, which is a visual and written report making clear the condition of a property.

When you are in need of the most reputable and unbiased party to conduct a rental inventory in central London, the Yellow Oak Inventories LTD team can be of assistance, providing detailed reports to a fast turnaround.

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