Another London council contemplates private rental licensing

Barnet seems to be following a number of London councils by moving closer towards increased private rental sector licensing. The authority, which is now in the last two weeks of a consultation on the subject, says that it wants to bring in additional licensing for small and other types of Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMO), alongside the licensing for landlords of larger HMOs that already exist. These licences are related to HMOs of three storeys or more with five or more people living in two or more households and shared kitchens or bathrooms. The consultation is due to close on September 17th.

The council proposes that licences should be introduced for smaller HMOs, including those with two or more storeys, four or more people living in two or more households with some or all of the facilities being shared. They will also cover some types of houses and buildings that have been turned into flats. Examples might include shared houses and flats, hostels, properties with live-in landlords and student accommodation.

The consultation was intended to investigate how the quality of private rented accommodation could be heightened through the introduction of such licensing. A spokesman for the council said that they were looking forward to hearing the thoughts of as many people as possible.

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